You've Got to Move It, Move It!

    As humans, we don’t spend our lives just sitting still. We are constantly moving, on the go, running errands. Regardless of our daily activities, whether its running, or driving, or sitting at a desk, or standing, or chasing kids around the house, or working, we are in a constant state of motion throughout our waking day.
    But even though we are in a constant state of motion, we tend to limit our movements to the repetitive actions we do on a daily basis. And within those actions, we typically do not use our full range of motion. When we do not use our full capacity of movement, we teach ourselves to become limited in our movements, teach ourselves bad postural habits, and in doing this we teach our muscles not to work properly, which may cause pain, tightening of some muscles, weakening of other muscles. 
    So when it comes to muscle function we must not only understand what and where it hurts, but also why. If we know what the sore or injured muscle is supposed to be doing, and what it is not doing, we can not only address the other contributing muscles, but help the client in understanding why it acting this way and teach them what they can do to help correct the problem through their own daily activities. 
    It is extremely important that we take at least a few minutes of each day to put down our phones, turn off the TV and internet, and move around. If we keep our muscles busy, correctly, not only will they function better, but will do so for a longer period of time with much less pain.

Lance Thompson, LMT

Hi! Virginia here!  This is a nice compliment to Lance's blog.  As opposed to static stretching, dynamic stretching takes the body into better range of motion and full body warm up.  I hope you will enjoy this video and try some of these moves for yourself.  Take them slow and don't overdo, just do.  -VA