Virginia Lee, LMT    

 Virginia is specially trained in Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy, IASTM (Graston), Rehab Fitness, Cupping and many other complimentary soft tissue recovery & massage techniques. Understanding rigorous training schedules and the need for an edge in quick recovery and achievement, Virginia is the secret weapon your want on your side.  Specialized training and experience allows her to analyze pain patterns and restrictions in movements that explain not only what hurts, but why.                                                                        In practice since 2011, her work is sought after and trusted by many of the areas top female athletes. She also captains the Ironman massage team and the A-Team Elite Sports Massage Team you will find at many local sports events including The Chattanooga Marathon, The 7 Bridges Marathon and Waterfront Triathlon to name a few. Virginias practice is ladies only. Gentlemen, please check out Lance Thompson or Mary Burns schedule.

Lance Thompson, LMT

Lance has been a practicing massage therapist in Tennessee since 2010 and has worked as an instructor at Miller-Motte Technical College teaching classes in Therapeutic and Sports Massage as well as Pathology.  Lance has extensive knowledge and experience working with athletes and active people to support recovery and injury prevention. You will often find Lance working on the sidelines at many of this areas competitive sports events such as Ironman, 7 Bridges Marathon, Chattanooga Marathon and Swim the Suck, just to name a few! He is also well known for his amazing work with clients with disabilities and chronic pain. His passion is research in the treatment of symptoms of Muscular Dystrophy through the use of manual therapy.  He uses movement based techniques to help decrease muscular pain and increase the function and range of motion of muscles and joints and his results are amazing! Lance is a very well rounded therapist with a depth of knowledge and understanding of movement in the human body that is second to none in this area. Come see for yourself why Lance is sought after by so many.


 Mary Burn is a 2016 graduate of Maui School of Therapeutic Massage of Hawaii. There she learned many different modalities, including Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage and Therapeutic Relaxation. She has worked various sporting events including marathons, triathlons, and paddle races in Hawaii with hopes to continue this right here in her home town of Chattanooga. With Lomi Lomi being her favorite modality to perform, she wishes to share with Chattanooga the nurturing flow, and harmony that Lomi Lomi brings to the body, for every body. Come see for yourself why everyone loves Mary!